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Potter Street

Potter Street, a short street in the northern part of Saginaw, which runs parallel to the railroad tracks and railway yards, frames the southern edge of the First Ward. As many of the major thoroughfares of the business district start here, the few that do go through act as gateways to First Ward. One side of the street is dominated by the large passenger depot constructed for the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad and the other side is lined with commercial buildings. Filled with businesses serving both the immediate neighborhoods and travelers, throughout Saginaw’s history it has been a vibrant spot.

A quick survey of the city directories suggests how it has reflected the changing demographics of Saginaw over time. The 1946 directory lists a number of Black business owners. These included Browne’s Mortuary and Oliver K. Atwood, Real Estate and Notary. Located at 516 1/2 Potter Street, Atwood was the son of the pioneer lumberman William Q. Atwood. Oliver K. Atwood passed away in 1946 and his funeral was arranged by Browne’s Mortuary.

Caption for Images: The Castle Museum's collection includes photographs of Potter Street documenting a CWA -Civil Works Administration - street project. The CWA was a short-lived project created to address the emergency brought about by the hard winter of 1933 - 1934.


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