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A Modern Interior on South Jefferson Avenue, March 25, 1931

“Decorations for the [People’s Building and Loan Association] offices are strikingly futuristic in design. The walls are colorfully decorated in unconventional but regular designs following the futuristic theme that is being used in many modern buildings. A creamy tan provides a background for the designs in black and various shades of red and gold.” - The Saginaw Daily News, March 24, 1931

Formed in 1887, Saginaw’s People’s Building and Loan Association* broke ground for a new office building on June 2, 1929. Located on the northeast corner of S. Jefferson and Federal Avenues, the six-story building housed the institution’s offices and included space for stores and professional offices. Designed by the Saginaw firm of Cowles and Mutscheller, the building was dedicated on March 25, 1931.

Today, the building is home to WTA Architects and several other organizations. The Art Deco structure continues to be a downtown landmark. However, the interior space shown in the photograph with murals and decorations executed by the William Wright Company of Detroit was altered by the bank – most likely in 1955.

(*People’s Building and Loan Association became First Savings and Loan Association and eventually would become part of Great Lakes Bancorp)


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