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Dining Out: A Trip to El Rancho Grande

This week the Castle Test Kitchen was at a loss for what to make-it has happened to us all. So in honor of the holiday, we sought out traditional Mexican cuisine. Our trip to El Rancho Grande at 2403 N. Michigan Avenue in Saginaw, yielded delicious fare--but a larger story as well.

What follows is a glimpse at a much larger exhibit that is housed at the restaurant, detailing a variety of interesting histories on Saginaw's Hispanic community. We encourage you to stop in during open hours and spend some time going over the photos in detail--and we highly recommend the combination platter, though the menu is extensive.


Other Photos from the Exhibit:


*Thank you to the staff at El Rancho Grande for allowing the Castle Test Kitchen to take photos from every angle imaginable (on two separate occasions)-and yet, we still could not capture these photos at their best. We tried--but we will stick to unmoulding salads in the future. Please visit the restaurant in person for the full exhibit.


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