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The Goodridge Brothers' Art Souvenir of Saginaw, MI

The exhibition is closed. Please enjoy the information about this past exhibit.

The Goodridge' Art Souvenir of Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A. 1902: A Portrait of Saginaw, showcases a rare book and provides a unique photographic image of the community in the early 20th century. Originally published to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the establishment of the Goodridge Brothers' studio, this 27-page book features over 100 photographs of public buildings, businesses and homes.


Glenalvin, Wallace and William Goodridge, whose parents were born into slavery moved to East Saginaw in 1863, where they established a pioneering photograph studio. The studio operated until 1922, chronicling Saginaw's rise as a great lumber center and its reinvention as an industrial center. While formal portraits were the mainstay of their business, they found numerous innovative ways to document sights and events in their community.


By the time the Goodridges' Art Souvenir was published in 1902, the brothers Glenalvin and William had passed away.


This exhibit focused on the 1902 book and feature reproductions of each of the pages. ​

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