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Through the Eyes of Lucy Burrows Morley

The exhibition is closed. Please enjoy the information about this past exhibit.

This wonderful collection of unique photographs were taken by Lucy Burrows Morley during her travels across Michigan, the United States and beyond.


Although Lucy was an amateur photographer, her eye for composition and her ability to capture the moment rivaled that of professional photographers of that era.


Over Lucy’s lifetime, she took thousands of images of her family and her travels. At the time of her death in 1948, the negatives of these many photographs were packed away and forgotten. It wasn’t until 1973 that her great-grandson, Chris Thomson along with his brother, discovered the photos hidden in a cabinet at the family cottage at Higgins Lake, Mich. Chris, who was a photography student at the time, took the negatives and made copies to better preserve them. Now 40 years later, through grants from the Mark T. Morley Memorial Fund and the Morley Foundation, those photographs were displayed in this exhibit.

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