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From Detroit to Saginaw: Saginaw Buildings by Detroit Architects

The exhibition is closed. Please enjoy the information about this past exhibit.

Saginaw’s buildings record the history of the community and the story of its growth and development. They also reveal complex business and social connections with other urban areas in the state. For much of its history, Saginaw was Michigan’s third largest city. While eclipsed in size and population by Detroit and Grand Rapids, its thriving lumber industry made it an important regional economic center. Links to Detroit were numerous and as Saginaw became an industrial city dominated by automotive production, the linkages became even stronger.


Even before the automobile, Detroit was nationally important. As a center for business and commerce, it became a regional and national force in culture and design (the city's many nicknames include Paris of the Midwest).


From Detroit to Saginaw: Saginaw Buildings by Detroit Architects, this exhibit will explore Detroit's unique architectural heritage and how artisans from this city have helped shape Saginaw's landscape. Visitors can expect to see photographs, drawings, blueprints and other structural details of buildings in Saginaw. This exhibit is in the Castle Museum's West Gallery and will run concurrently with Inspired by Bricks: Reach for the Sky.

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