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At Home in Saginaw: 1850 - 1963

The exhibition is closed. Please enjoy the information about this past exhibit.

A home is more than simply a place to live. Sometimes described as an owner’s castle and often a revealing portrait of its occupants, houses shape and define a community. Focusing on ten Saginaw County dwellings constructed over the course of a century, this exhibit will use the history of these buildings to explore changing styles and technology and stories of the people who called them home. A wide variety of artifacts, ranging from photographs to architectural drawings, will be used to bring the structures to life.


Included will be the stories of William L. Webber’s elegant mansion, Caledonia Courts, Mershon and Morley Portable Homes and a mid-century modern house constructed in 1963. Although varying greatly in style and age, each of the residences included in this exhibit will offer a unique glimpse into the continuing story of Saginaw County and its people.

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