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The Coffee Cup Lemon Pie

The Coffee Cup Restaurant


Coffee Cup Lemon Pie

2 lemons, juice of 2, rind of 1 2 ½ heaping Tbsp cornstarch 3 eggs, separated ¼ tsp salt 1 cup sugar 2 cups boiling water 1 Tbsp sugar Baked pie shell

Cream egg yolks and sugar until light colored. Add to boiling water. Stir constantly. Mix together cornstarch, lemon juice, and rind and add. Let come back to a good boil. Pour into baked pie shell. Beat egg whites with pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon sugar until stiff. Spread on top. Brown slowly in oven.

Cook’s Note: My lemons were tiny so I used 4 instead of 2.


“The restaurant has been a favorite of a couple of generations of women shoppers, store clerks and school teachers – which is not to say the men folk also haven’t liked the Coffee Cup and, among the many who do, the chance to match wits with Ed [Slaggert the owner].”

--The Saginaw News, September 3, 1967.

Located at 115 S. Jefferson Avenue, The Coffee Cup operated until the late 1960s. It opened about 1907 in a small wood-frame building on the corner of North Jefferson Avenue and Lapeer Street. The original owners were William and Margret Jones. About 1914, they moved it to the S. Jefferson Avenue location and in 1920, it was taken over by Gladys and Ed Slaggert, the Jones’ daughter and son-in-law. It was noted in the 1960 article, that breakfast was self-serve. Customers “take what food they want and drop coins or bills on the plate in payment, making their own change.”

The Coffee Cup Restaurant remained a fixture of downtown until it closed in 1968.

This recipe is from Jean Slaggert Keyes who helped her grandmother and mother in the Coffee Cup kitchen.

After you have enjoyed a slice of the Coffee Cup’s Lemon Pie, visit the Castle Museum to see the interior of Myer Brothers' Jewelry Store - the Coffee Cup was a neighbor of the restaurant. The signs for both businesses are visible in this photograph.


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