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The Castle Crew & Napa Salad

Earlier in the week you may have seen our post on social media about Castle reception worker, Janeen Schaeding. In case you missed it, we'll reiterate the highlights in this post too.

Janeen retired from Meijer after a 37-year career but wasn't ready to completely retire. Last year we had a blog entry about Meijer and the Meijer cookbook featuring Lena Meijer's Peppermint Brownies. You can see the full post here:

The Meijer firm first announced its interest in constructing a store in the Saginaw Area in September 1977 – almost three years prior to opening their store on Gratiot Road in Thomas Township. Shortly after construction started on the Gratiot Road store in 1979, the company started construction on a second 145,000-square-foot store on Tittabawassee Road in Kochville Township.

In 1987, Store 42 in Saginaw created a Guest Happiness Committee as a way to support the community. One of their many fundraisers was a cookbook with team member recipes, published in 1997, and sold for $10. Our very own Janeen Schaeding was one of these Meijer team members who contributed several recipes to the cookbook project, and today's featured "Napa Salad" is one of these recipes.

After her Meijer career, Janeen realized she enjoyed interacting with the public, and being a third-generation Saginaw native, she always had a strong interest in the history of the area. The opening in reception at the Castle Museum, was a perfect fit!

According to Janeen, "Working here has given me the opportunity to learn more about Saginaw County through the exhibits, classes, and talking to visitors about their memories of the area. I hope my enthusiasm for the Castle inspires others to visit our beautiful building."

Enjoy Janeen's version of Napa Salad below.

The Recipe: Napa Salad

By Janeen Schaeding, from Family Secrets...The Best of Store 42


½ bottle sesame seeds

1 pkg. sliced almonds

1 or 2 pkgs. Ramen soup noodles

1 Ig. Napa cabbage

½ stick butter

Green onions


½ C. sugar

¼ C. vinegar

¾ C. oil

2 T. soy sauce

Brown crushed Ramen noodles in 1/2 stick butter. Add sesame seeds.

Cut up cabbage and onions. Mix with noodles, almonds, and sesame seeds.

Pour dressing on salad just before serving.

*Meijer Photo Credit: Adam Engel, Former Store #42 Employee.


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