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The Answers You Were Waiting On

If you've been following our Facebook page, your knowledge on the city of Saginaw was tested in a 10-question quiz. Check out the answers below.

The Semi-Centennial Quiz

In 1907, as part of an elaborate, multi-faceted celebration of the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the city, The Saginaw Board of Trade published a booklet promoting the community and its assets. Rich with photographs, this booklet documents Saginaw at the dawn of the previous century. As part of our mission to make our collections accessible, we have scanned this rare booklet and placed it on our website along with an index to help you navigate your way through.

1. Although the building shown in this photograph was destroyed by fire on April 9, 1935, Saginaw’s city hall is still located on this South Washington Avenue Site.

This location was selected as the site for Saginaw’s City Hall because: b. When Saginaw City and East Saginaw were consolidated in 1889 it was agreed that a new city hall would be constructed in a location halfway between the two business districts.

2. The first floor of the Merrill Building, located on southeast corner of Court and South Michigan, was home to the J.W. Ippel Dry Goods.

In the context of early twentieth century American merchandising, what are dry goods? (In short, what did the J. W. Ippel’s Store sell? Answer: a. Fabric, ready-made clothing and notions. 

3. The home of Temple E. Dorr was later purchased by the R.C. Morley, Jr. family. After living there for several years they moved and donated to a non-profit organization.

It was used for the offices of ____________ until it was demolished in the 1960s in preparation for the construction of _________?

Answer: It was used for the offices of Answer: c. Saginaw Chapter of the American Red Cross until it was demolished in 1960s in preparation for the construction of Answer: c. I-675.

4. Although the focus of the Semi-Centennial Souvenir Booklet is certainly on the present – the 1907 present, there are a number of historic images included in the book.

The Majority of the images taken on this page were taken by the famous East Saginaw African American photographers: Answer: a. The Goodridge Brothers

5. How many school districts did the city of Saginaw have in 1907?

Answer: b. Two; Although East Saginaw and Saginaw were consolidated in 1889, the school districts were not merged.

6. The factory where Saginaw Paving Bricks were made was located on South Jefferson; however, the clay from which the bricks were made was brought to the plant by railroad from what community? Answer: d. Flushing

7. The building which housed the Saginaw County Savings Bank was\is located where and later became? Answer: d. Located on the southeast corner of South Hamilton and Court Street it now houses Jake’s Old City Grill.

8. Rust Park is named in honor of ____ Rust who donated the land for the park. Answer d. Ezra

9. Where was the Hotel Vincent located? Answer: Southeast corner of South Washington and Germania [Federal] Avenues

10. Located on Wheeler Street, which one of the following items was made by A.T. Ferrell Company: Answer: “Clipper” bean sorters

How did you score in the Semi-Centennial Quiz? Comment below and let us know!


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