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Mrs. W. A. Brewer's Apple Salad


6 apples

1/2 c. sugar

1 c. water

Red cinnamon candies

French Dressing

Cream cheese, whipped with a little milk


Bar-le-duc preserves

Pare and core apples, place in a pan and cover apples with syrup mad from sugar and water. Add candies to syrup, placing a few in the center of each apple. Cook until tender. Remove apples, cook syrup a little longer, pour over apples and let cool. Serve apples on lettuce, filling center with cream cheese. Use French dressing and add to this one glass of Bar-le-duc.

Note: Surveyor Addison Brewer and his wife, the former Sarah Graves, arrived in Saginaw in 1859 and he became a timber cruiser. The cruisers played an important part in the lumber industry, tramping through the forest, spotting and locating choice stands of pine for their clients. It was a difficult job, requiring a knowledge of wood and the woods, the ability to live under tough conditions and the discretion to make wise choices, and keep those choices confidential until the cruiser bought the land at the government land office. Millions of dollars could depend on a single decision. Described as a "ruggedly competent, seasoned land-looker", Brewer was well suited for the job. A few cruisers went into business for themselves and he was one, investing in pine lands and owning a sawmill. He also built several downtown business blocks. The Brewer's son, W. A. "Will" was the only one of their 6 children who remained in Saginaw.

Captions for photographs -

Images of Brewer building\arcade

Located in the 100 block of North Washington Avenue, no building in Saginaw is more closely associated with the Brewer family than the Brewer arcade. Constructed about 1870, originally it had commercial space on the first floor and a meeting hall known as Brewer Hall on the upper floors. It was converted into an arcade in 1914. The conversion was described in the newspaper:

"The building, owned by the A.P. Brewer estate, has been thoroughly remodeled, is modern in every particular and one of the most attractive in the entire city. The remodeling was done by Spence Brothers and was completed in record time, exactly one month being consumed in the making of all the many changes in the interior of the building, converting it into an up-to-the-minute arcade. Only the first floor of the building is occupied by the arcade suites, the upper floors being given over to the Bliss-Alger Business college.” Saginaw Evening News[?], November 25, 1914

The building would remain in the descendants of the Brewer family well into the second half of the twentieth century.

Text to go with cemetery markers:

Members of the Brewer family are interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery

With portrait of W.A. Brewer

Will A. Brewer was born in East Saginaw in 1863 and married Josephine H. McClaren on June 6, 1888.

Josephine Brewer was born in Washtenaw County in 1868. A member of Frist Congregational Church, she was active in community affairs – especially the Saginaw Children’s Home. She passed away in 1935. After her death, Mr. Brewer closed their home on Sheridan Avenue and lived at the Bancroft Hotel. He had been an investor in the Hotel when it was rebuilt in 1915. He died in 1940.


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