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Mexican American Feast

La Unión Cívica Mexicana is one of the oldest, if not the oldest continuous operating Hispanic organization in Michigan.

La Unión Cívica was organized in 1945. According to their website's history, Mexican American veterans were frustrated that despite having honorably served the US in WWII, they were denied benefits of their service and continued to face discrimination in housing, education, and employment. The founders of La Unión Cívica put forth three main goals: cultural identity awareness, advocating for civil rights, and advocating for education.

The annual Cinco de Mayo festivities organized by La Unión Cívica are part of continuing the mission of cultural identity awareness. The event is about sharing culture and honoring the long history of Hispanic contributions to Saginaw and the surrounding region.

We encourage you to follow La Unión Cívica Mexicana on Facebook, (the images in the post are credited to them) to stay up to date on when to get Patitos!


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