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Little Jake's - Calendars Available!

This image is from the 2021 calendar featuring photographs of Saginaw businesses and businesspeople. All of the photographs are from the Castle Museum’s collection and December’s image was taken in Front of Little Jake’s, East Genesee Avenue, and North Franklin, c. 1875. The photograph was taken by Goodridge Brothers’ Studio. The man standing on the right-hand side of the loaded wagon is believed to be Jacob Seligman [Little Jake].

This photograph was created as an advertising piece and printed on the reverse is “Trade with Little Jake, The Great Clothier of the West.” Jacob Seligman, better known as Little Jake, was a clothing merchant who emigrated from Germany to the United States. Initially, he settled in Detroit, but by 1870 he was entering the market in East Saginaw and Bay City. He was known for his flamboyant marketing techniques – which included parades, tossing a vest into a crowd of shanty boys, and erecting a clock tower in honor of himself. He eventually sold his East Genesee Avenue Store to Heavenrich Brother & Co. and moved further west to Colorado.

So in the spirit of Little Jake, we encourage you to visit the Castle Museum, enjoy the exhibits and the building and receive a free calendar. As the number of calendars is limited, visit the museum soon.

We wish to thank Dornbos Printing Impressions for printing and providing the calendars.

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