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Kookin' With Kids

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ashley Monahan (age 4)

We hope back-to-school has gone smoothly for everyone! To celebrate the new school year, we thought it would be fun to highlight a school-related recipe from one of our team members, Ashley Zehnder.


Considering this “recipe” is from my childhood, I would prefer not to think of it as historic. During the 1989-1990 school year, my pre-school created a cookbook with students’ favorite recipes – written by the children. As you can imagine, 4-year-olds are not the greatest recipe developers, discerners of ingredients and amounts, or judges of temperature and cook time.

So for pure entertainment, I present to you 4-year-old Ashley’s version of chocolate chip cookies! The photo is a nice visual of the ingredients, but I did not actually attempt to make this recipe since I had no desire to scrub burnt sugar from my cookie sheets.

My recipe development skills have improved significantly since my pre-school days, and I am now a very proficient baker.


Kookin’ With Kids Chocolate Chip Cookies By: Ashley Monahan (age 4)

  • ½ lb flour

  • 13 lbs sugar

  • ½ lb butter

  • ½ lb milk

  • Lots of chocolate chips

Melt the butter, then pour it in a bowl. Pour one thing at a time in the bowl. Mix it up really good with the mixers. Bake in oven on cookie sheets. Cook about 80 minutes, let cool and EAT THEM.

DISCLAIMER: This recipe is just for fun and we do NOT recommend making it. The Castle Museum is not responsible for any ruined kitchen items if you decide to make this recipe written by a 4-year-old.


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