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A Very Good Boy

If you have looked at many Goodridge Brothers’ photographs, you have probably noticed the photogenic Dalmatian that appears in so many of their images. Thanks to this article discovered by our colleagues in the Local History and Genealogy collection at Hoyt Library we know much more about this dog’s personality and temperament.

“A Trained Dog”

“Goodridge Brothers have a coach dog which undoubtedly is one of the best trained dogs in this section of the county. Very often a person comes in with a child to have its picture taken, and as a general thing the dog is brought into requisition. It seems the dog had been so trained that he will sit in any posture until a certain number is counted by the operator, but a few days ago a lady came in with a child and wished for her picture to be taken together with the dog. Everything being got in readiness, Mr. Goodridge noticed that the dog had an uneasy look, but as he seemed willing to give his ‘sitting’ he proceeded to take the picture. After the usual count he threw the cloth over the camera, and at that moment the dog jumped from the stand and running into the corner of the room seized and killed a large rat that been playing in that vicinity the entire time of taking the picture. He it seems was so well trained that he refused to leave his post until the regular count had been made.” (The Saginaw Morning Herald, January 30, 1879, page 4.)


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