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Home from the War: Saginaw's Civil War Veterans

The exhibition is closed. Please enjoy the information about this past exhibit.

This exhibit shares a defining moment in our nation's history and commemorate the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. Highlighted in the exhibit is the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization composed of veterans who served in the Civil War for Northern forces.


These figures (below) carved in intricate detail by Civil War veteran John H. Revard, were described in a 1906 advertisement as chronicling the "details of army life" and being "the result of twenty-five years of labor.


"Revard's sculpted scenario, contents from the 100-year-old Bliss Park time capsule and many more artifacts are featured in our Home from the War exhibit.


1890 Roster features G.A.R. members.


This rare 1890 roster (featured below) includes the members of four Grand Army of the Republic posts located in Saginaw.

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