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1914 Saginaw County Fair Book

The exhibition is closed. Please enjoy the information about this past exhibit.

The 2013 Saginaw County Fair was the 100th observance hosted by the Saginaw Agricultural Society. The Museum has a rare original copy of the program from its first event. The 1914 document is part of the Ralph W. Stroebel collection and offers a unique glimpse into early twentieth century rural life.


Fairs were held in Saginaw County as early as the 1860s but by the early twentieth century the county was without one. In the early teens one was held at Riverside Park in the city of Saginaw. The Saginaw County School and Farm Bureau Association organized the 1913 event, which was billed at the first school fair in Michigan.


In August of the following year, the Saginaw County Agricultural Society was formed. The first fair opened on October 6, 1914 on land rented from the Saginaw Driving Club. Located on the corner of East Genesee and Webber, this location was considered far out in the country. The only structure on the property was a wooden grandstand on the race track. Horse racing was an important part of the event and the track was put to good use. Exhibits were housed in tents and unpaved roads became a mire of mud.

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