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Saginaw Carriage Works

J.P. Beck's December 16, 1933 obituary noted:


"After 15 years of hard work building his carriage business, Mr. Beck saw the business and most of his savings wiped out by the automobile. Seeing that his trade was doomed, Mr. Beck traded a number of carriages for an automobile and started selling automobiles."

The 1911 Saginaw directory indicated that he sold both cars and carriages, however within a couple of years he was firmly committed to the automobile and would again prosper.


The Saginaw Carriage Works was one of the many carriage and wagon manufacturers in Saginaw. Considered one of the most successful, an 1892 description noted that,


"Only skilled workmen are employed and every piece of work is guaranteed, so that no more beautiful or finely finished carriages are made than the establishment turns out. Every employee is imbused (sic) with Mr. Beck's enthusiasm and pride."


The museum's carriage clearly demonstrates the caliber of the firm's work. It is on display in the museum lobby. 


Donated by Larry and Dawn Brethauer.

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