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Saginaw's Flower, The Peony

“This department (garden) sold so many peony bushes in 1924, that the city council named the peony the Saginaw flower.” From a History of the Saginaw Woman’s Club

Did you know the Saginaw flower is the peony?

The peony is Saginaw’s official city flower. This designation, made by the city council in 1924, was the result of the Saginaw Woman’s Club campaign that advocated for the peony as a means of community beautification. Their work went beyond lobbying efforts it included: community education, planting peonies throughout the city and holding annual community flower shows. The peony was chosen because it could be grown by anyone in the community regardless of the wealth and size of their property. Many leaders of this group would go on to become founding members of the Saginaw Chapter of the Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association.

With a view of making Saginaw more beautiful . . . members are sponsoring a move to make Saginaw the ‘Peony city of Michigan.’ The Saginaw Daily News

Photo from the Saginaw Woman's Club

We have more history on our website – to learn more the Garden Department of the Saginaw’s Woman’s Club and explore their photo album, please visit


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