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Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe

“St. James Lutheran Church was filled with friends last evening to witness the marriage of Miss Elizabeth Furstenberg to Charles F. Dall, the ceremony taking place at 7 o’clock. The edifice was handsomely trimmed with flowers and palms and Rev. T.F. Reitz made the happy Couple one.”

“The bride looked charming in white mousseline de soie with bridal roses and the bridesmaid wore white organdie with white roses.”

“Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Furstenberg, 412 Glasby Street, and many friends were present to extend their congratulations and best wishes. Mrs. Dall has always resided at the south side and is a favorite among her friends. Mr. Dall is an Employe[e] of Porteous, Mitchell & co. They will be at home to friends after July 15 at 1809 State Street.”

Saginaw Evening News, June 27, 1900

If you grew up in Saginaw, you may well remember C.F. Dall shoes. A fixture of the west-side business district for eight decades and featured a wide-variety of footwear until it closed in 1985. By the early 1960s, the shop’s children’s department featured fanciful wooden benches decorated with scenes of nursery rhymes.

Exterior view of Dall Store

Three years after Charles F. Dall and Elizabeth Furstenberg were married, Charles Dall purchased the John Streeb Shoe Store at 207 North Hamilton Street. Renamed the C.F. Dall Shoe Store, he relocated the business to 415 Court Street in 1907. When Charles F. Dall retired in February 1956 he turned the business over to his son Charles C. Dall.

Diploma with C.F. Dall's Signature

In 1957, Mr. Dall’s obituary noted that he was active in civic affairs and other business ventures in the community. These included Saginaw Stamping and Tool Company, West Side Business Association, The Fordney Hotel and the group that purchased Malleable Iron site. He served as a member on the Board of Education from 1928 until 1946.

When Elizabeth F. Dall passed away in 1973 at the age of 96, her obituary noted that she lived in Saginaw her entire life and “was a lifelong member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, of its Ladies Aid Society and a charter member of the Valparaiso Guild.

Photograph of Ladies Aid Society members and views of Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Let's get into this delicious summer time recipe by Mrs. C.A.F. Dall!

Mrs. C.A.F Dall's Strawberry Pie

1 quart cleaned strawberries 

3 rounding tbsp cornstarch 

1 cup of sugar 

Whipped cream 

Put 1 pint strawberries into a baked pie shell and put in refrigerator. Put 1 pint crushed strawberries, sugar and cornstarch into saucepan and simmer until thick. When cool, put on top of berries in shell and top with whipped cream.

This pie was delish. It was quick and easy to make plus it’s a great summer dessert!

Deana Coleman, our staff associate, tests out weekly recipes from the cookbook Savoring Saginaw. Vice President/Chief Historian Tom Trombley and Chief Curator Sandy Schwan provided the historical information for this blog.

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