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A Tale of Two Lobbies

On February 17, 1935, The Saginaw News headline stated, "U.S. Officials Meet Civic Leaders, Agree on Proposal for Remodeling of Present Building as Most Advisable."  The announcement marked the end of a long battle to save a cherished landmark, Saginaw's United States Post Office - The Castle Building.

When the expanded and remodeled building was rededicated in September of 1937, Postmaster General Farley proclaimed it was a "memorial to the wisdom of President Roosevelt." Newspaper articles highlighted how the architect had successfully managed to preserve the original architecture of the building yet, create one of the county's most modern and efficient post office. 

Certainly, the most stunning space of the newly renovated building was - and remains - the public lobby. Running the full width of the building, With walls clad in travertine, an elaborately oak paneled ceiling and custom made light fixtures, it is an elegant, imposing space. 

Before the 1937 expansion, the original lobby was located in the space currently occupied by the Saginaw County Sports Hall of Fame. 

The Castle Building's original lobby was smaller and featured a groin vaulted ceiling and elaborate plaster work.

The walls in the original lobby were exposed brick. A small area of this original wall treatment has been exposed for display purposes on the second floor landing of the circle staircase.


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