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A Golf Card with a History

While never used, this advertising piece offers a brief glimpse into the history of Saginaw's golf courses and the development of Saginaw Township.

By the early 20th century, the southeast corner of Gratiot and Center was cleared and farmed. It later became a golf course, then farmed and then it was subdivided. All of this happened in less than 50 years.

On Dec. 17, 1926, the Saginaw paper reported that Golf and Recreation had filed articles of association. The investors included Frank F. Sommers, Harold Allington, William J. Hill, Edward G. Schust and George C. Waltz. Although it rained, the course was dedicated with great fanfare on June 18, 1927. The paper noted after Mayor Tausend and the other members of the party completed the inaugural game, "the course began to swarm with golfers anxious to tryout its secrets."

Although the plans were to include a swimming pool and other amenities, not a great deal is known about the operation of the course. However, on April 10, 1931, improvements were announced. The paper notes, "They were giving most attention to the rough, which really was what the name implied." The course is still listed in a 1939 guidebook to Michigan - games fifty cents. In that same year, the bankrupt company auctioned the property. In 1943, The Saginaw News announced that attempts to lease it to the Wilcox-Rich Corporation management and the union for use of the company's employees had failed. The land was plowed and what was once a gold course again became farmland.

In 1959, the paper announced plans for a new subdivision. The Nov. 20, 1959 issue of The Saginaw News reported:

"Many of Saginaw golfers lamented old Westdale's passing from the realm of sport to farming.

Twenty acres of the property was sold for the construction of the Westdale School in 1955.

The 113 acres to be developed by the Draper family interests is considered choice residential property for its nearness to Saginaw Country Club, Golfside and Westdale School."

The only other information we can add at this time, are course rules noted on the scorecard.

"Replace Turf - This Rule [sic.] must be observed ABSOLUTELY" and "Women wearing high heeled shoes are not permitted on the course."

Plat Map of the southeast corner of Gratiot and Center showing the subdivisions located in what was once Westdale Golf Course.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Mar 31, 2023

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