Goodridges’ Art Souvenir

of Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Published in 1902, Goodridges' Art Souvenir of Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A. was published by the Goodridge Brothers’ studio and printed by the Albertype Company of Brooklyn. An article in The Saginaw Evening News records that on July 27, 1902 copies of this booklet were given to customers of the Goodridge Brothers’ Studio. The photographs in the book were reproduced through the Albertype process,  

a photomechanical method. The original booklet is 7 ⅛ x 5 ¼ inches. As the book was disassembled prior to acquisition, the original page order is unknown.

Addresses have been added for the sites shown in the booklet. The addresses given are from the 1902 Saginaw City Directories.

Glenalvin, William, and Wallace Goodridge moved from York, Pennsylvania to the frontier city of East Saginaw in 1863 and reestablished the photography studio they had operated in York. The East Saginaw Studio thrived until the death of the last of the three brothers, Wallace, in 1922. Their photographs span a period of almost five decades and uniquely document Saginaw’s rise as a great lumbering center and its rebirth as an industrial center.  The Goodridge Brothers’ parents, Evalina and William Goodridge, were born into slavery. After being freed, they prospered in York, Pennsylvania. Their sons, coupling skills, talents and the lessons of entrepreneurship learned from their parents, developed one of the most important photographic studios in Michigan.

In July 1902, in celebration of the studio’s 39th anniversary of operation in Saginaw, Wallace Goodridge gave his customers copies of Goodridge Brothers’ Art Souvenir of Saginaw, Michigan, USA.

In reproducing this book, the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History notes the contributions of John V. Jezierski, Ph.D. and his book, Enterprising Images: The Goodridge Brothers, African American Photographers, 1847 – 1922, and Roosevelt Ruffin, Ph.D. and his book, The Black Presence in Saginaw, Mich.: 1855 – 1900. Their scholarship and writings have greatly enriched our understanding of Saginaw County History, and the unique, pioneering accomplishments of the Goodridge Brothers.

View the digital collection here.

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