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Geared for Production

Once the lumber capital of the world, Saginaw was struggling to find a new identity as it entered the 20th century. The people were searching for something that would create jobs and a stable economy. What unfolded was one of the most exciting times in Saginaw County’s history. This compelling account is displayed in the exhibit, Geared for Production: The Story of Automotive Manufacturing in Saginaw.

This stirring display is a testimony to the spirit of Saginaw and the people who live here. It describes how Saginaw reinvented itself to become a thriving industrial center. Visitors to this exhibit will learn about the world’s largest Grey Iron and Malleable Iron foundries, Jacox, the company responsible for inventing the steering gear and about the people who made it all possible.These are the heroes of Saginaw and their stories are eloquently told in Geared for Production.

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