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The Alcoves are located on the first floor of the Museum just outside the Morley Room. The hallway is broken into four distinct display areas. While the space may be small, the subject matter is always engaging and educational.

Simple and elegant are two words that come to mind when describing a coffee table designed by American Architect and Interior Designer Florence Schust Knoll Bassett in 1961. Her father, Frederick Schust, was the son of the founder of Schust Bakery. This bakery grew into a major business and eventually became part of Sunshine Biscuits. Learn more about Knoll and Schust's story when you view this display.


Visitors can learn the story behind The Log Mark Room featured in one of the alcoves. The Log Mark Room restaurant opened in the Bancroft Hotel on Nov. 11, 1954. The popular restaurant celebrated Saginaw's rich lumbering heritage and it was a fixture in the community for over two decades. Advertising proclaimed that the "atmosphere ... takes you back to the romantic days of Saginaw's lumbering era." 


"I want this chair in my home," some have stated in regards to The Eskwin Chair. Designed by Saginaw native Edwin O. Klemm, this reclining seat offered its occupant a place to read, draw, sew and even had an attachment for a typewriter. 


Buena Vista School District, provides a brief look into the rise and fall of a school district due to population decline. View materials and artifacts that document the history of this school district and its students.

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