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When All Recipes Fail

Summer is over and the member of the test kitchen who had intended on continuing his exploration of chopped peanut sandwiches just returned from vacation and is running behind. (He needs to locate back issues of the New Yorker to continue the project.) Then he turned to William Ring’s Welsh Rarebit; however, digging out a chaffing dish seemed a little daunting – as was the thought of placing William Ring into the context of the cult of late Victorian chaffing dish meals.

Then we found Sage advice in an advertisement that appeared in the 1929 edition of the Saginaw Cookbook:

“When all Recipes Fail: One can Always be assured of a Good Meal at Saginaw’s Oldest Hotel - The Bancroft Hotel.”

The original Bancroft Hotel opened in 1859. For well-over a century, it was this region’s hotel. A destination for travelers, conventions and served as Saginaw’s living room – or should I say dining room?

The most famous dish on the menu was a unique variation of corned beef hash. Enriched with heavy creams, Bancroft House Hash appeared on menus through the nation.

This link will take you to the recipe and a history of the Bancroft Hotel.


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